Trend Micro

Trend Micro has been in business for 28 years and has focused solely on security. Since Trend Micro Trend Micro was founded, they have had one consistent vision, and are passionate about making the world a safer place. Trend Micro are headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, and are listed on the Nikkei Index as 4704.

Customers include 45 of the top 50 global corporations (Fortune 500 2015)

Trend Micro currently have over 5500 employees, in 38 business units worldwide in over 50 countries, and are protecting over 500,000 businesses and governments, and millions of consumers.

Trend Micro provides three tailor-made solutions that address these key challenges are designed to help you protect valuable information. Hybrid  Security delivers automated protection of workloads across physical, virtual and servers.  Network Defense detects and protects against advanced threats and targeted attacks that are invisible to standard network security.

And finally User Protection provides a broad range of protection for users – across every device, application and location.